A Canadian and all that it implies. Usually a raging liberal and coward. A self-conscious prig that is so lost in liberalism that they are incapable of action. A parasitic leach that enjoys the freedom afforded them by better men (their stronger southern neighbors)than themselves. Like a mexican but from the north and usually speaks Frog.
Dude that guy cries like a bitch! Figures he's a Canuck...full of hot air but when you show him your fist he runs the other way.
by Ultra Americano April 11, 2009
Like an American, except weaker and less inept in basic World and US History. Their daily habits include bashing Americans with unfunny and cookie cut jokes or historic "facts".
Canuck: "We burnt down the White House and invented the telephone!"
Factual History: "Umm, not really."
by hatred October 25, 2003
a group of retarted inbred french decendants that live north of the border of the USA in a cold, barren wasteland known as canadia.
Guy 1: Check out those walking douches, theyre all canucks.
Guy 2: Well fuck them, the horse they rode in on and every1 else in Canada those maple syrup ass bastards!
by HaggardAss December 13, 2005
Anyone of Canadian decent who enjoys listening to and playing Chuck Mangione songs.
Every morning at 8 A.M Tommy and his Canuck pals start their day by facing east and playing Feels so Good on their trumpets.
by Chaz May 08, 2016
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