Who all your base are belong to
All your base are belong to
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
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The mathematical sum of you and me.
You + Me = Us.

When you and I are together, we form an us.
by Lauren G-Unit August 05, 2006
1) Abreviations for the United States.
2) A word that means yourself and the other people you're refering to.
I love to live in the US.
by GAME50 October 07, 2005
The United States (Of America)
1. He was born in the U.S. Sure, he likes apple pie.
2. He was born in Mexico. Came into the U.S. across the Rio Grande. He picks apples, we eat the pie.
by Auduck September 26, 2005
"US" 2+3 does NOT equal 1
by DUCKSAREUS October 22, 2011
The definition of badass. Complete and utter baddassness should always be refered to as us.
*Guy does badass thing*
Friend: Oh man! That was totally us!
by In It For The Chicks January 07, 2010
*More than one person. Similar to we, only refering it to someone else instead of yourself.
Person One: We are going to get in the club!
Person Two: Yeah!
*two approach club*
Bouncer: You two arent getting in this club!
Person one: C'mon! Let us in!
Bouncer: You two arent cool enough!
by Linzilla V March 10, 2005

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