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A person grom a country that did burn down the American White house. This country also invented the telephone.

A Canuck went to burn down the American white house again. Also living in the country where the telephone was invented.
by Ted Tederson January 03, 2006
A Species of Bird, native to Canada.
That bird is a Canuck
by Moray Swan August 26, 2005
A person from the Australian state of Queensland; used by New South Welshman in the derogative.

Explanation: the three eastern states of Australia are Queensland in the north, Victoria in the south, and New South Wales between them. Using North America as a guide, the states are colloquially known as Canada, Mexico and the USA respectively. As such, with canuck being a slang term for Canadian, it too becomes a slang term Queenslander.
NSWer: Those canucks drink Four X because they can't spell beer.
by Aspirex January 10, 2006
A race of people who(se)

1) Have a complex about being the USA's little brother.

2) Native language is a molested version of French.

3) Allow rampid uncontrolled immigration in an attempt to increase the tax base so the pursuit of a hollow socialist society can be continued.

4) National hair cut is the hockey mullet.

5) Only contribution to the English language is "Eh"
Reporter: The US economy continues to grow.

(Background): All of the canucks crying.
by G Money Killer March 29, 2007
Anyone that carpetbags the US from a northerly direction.
Those Canucks are a little more slippery than the Mexicans, because at least the Mexicans can admit that they want to be American.
by downsizedspiderman October 10, 2006
Can-uck, a contraction between Canadian and Fuck;
Used to describe a person from Canada that you have fucked, or are currently fucking.
Also used to describe a person from Canada that is an asshole, or a fuck.
I took this chubby bitch home last night, and found out she was a Canuck because she kept screaming "AYY!!" while I fucked her.

Chad Kroege, lead singer of Nickelback, is a Canuck.
by Rollinjsmann December 05, 2007
A Canadian and all that it implies. Usually a raging liberal and coward. A self-conscious prig that is so lost in liberalism that they are incapable of action. A parasitic leach that enjoys the freedom afforded them by better men (their stronger southern neighbors)than themselves. Like a mexican but from the north and usually speaks Frog.
Dude that guy cries like a bitch! Figures he's a Canuck...full of hot air but when you show him your fist he runs the other way.
by Ultra Americano April 11, 2009