Slang term for a canadian, a canadian hocky team,
You live in Canada, so you must be a canuck, Vancover canucks
by tenchu November 12, 2003
Best hockey team ever!!
The Canucks got The Cup in the fucking bank!
by Blue-J May 17, 2006
1. a term used for canadian, simular of that Yankee is for Americans
2. A hockey team in Vancity BC with a hot coach (Marc Crawford)
also see cafucks casucks
1. Damn canucks coming south for the winter!
2. Marc Crawford, coach of the canucks, has a huge cock
by coca October 30, 2003
1. Slang term for Canadian

2. Lumberjack/Woodsman

3. Member or fan of the Vancouver Canucks NHL team.
1. "Those Canucks visited from north of the border"

2. "People think all Canadians are lumberjacks, which isn't true. A lot of us play hockey instead."

3. "The Canucks had a great season, but lost to the Bruins in the cup final."
by Jquiet November 06, 2011
An endearing nickname for a Canadian.
Those canucks sure say eh and sorry alot...what is up with that? No wonder everyone just wants to go and squeak their cheeks...they're just too cute...albeit monotonous...LOL.

Canadian nickname
by TheBigCanucklehead March 15, 2015
A small, hairless penguin, found in south western Canada. Canucks have long been known as the Canadian Chupacabra.
A rat with wings is the best way to describe a Canuck.
by Skinner123 June 02, 2011
Beaver, water-dwelling mammal. Not to be confused with canadian slang term.
The river flooded. Those hairy canucks were at it again making a dam.
by MontrealLover9876 June 24, 2011

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