When a fat persons calf connect's with the flab on thier ankle, causing a cankle. They are really gross, mind you
Keep eating candy and you'll get a cankle
by DizzyLizzy April 12, 2007
A medical condition suffered mostly by the obese to morbidly obese where the calf goes directly to the heal of the foot without any conture where the ankle bone should normally be expected to protrude.
The pictures on www.cankles.org really left no cankles to the imagination.
by PVH July 02, 2003
When your calf and ankle merge into one super joint. Tom Burg has some cankles. See Summer Sausage or No Ankles Burg.
"I don't know who that chick was, but she had some major cankles" - Joe "Shabs" Udvari
by Die_Tasse February 09, 2005
The sexyness where your calve goes straight down, and you can't tell where the ankle starts.
I have sexy cankles
by Joj April 29, 2004
are u guys fucking stupid cankles CAN be from weight gain n stuff but if ur born with cankles it usually means ur calves are bigger than usually which enables fast track running. because ur calves extends it allows the leg muscles to strecth long while running which quickens the movements (fast running) so next time u want to make sum douche comment about sumthing that should be considered a complement, READ ABOUT IT MOTHER FUCKERS
douche: look at those cankles on the bitch. dam


gym teacher: ok guys time to run the mile


cankle girl: wow this is easier than i thought

douche: man, this sucks balls dude


gym teacher: ok well the cankle girl got the best time in the class! oh, and um the douche can suck sum mile ass

douche: aw fuck i got beat by a chick

cankle girl: yea bitches what now eat my cankle ASS
the combining of the words 'calve' and 'ankles' to describe really fat ankles---about the thickness of a calve.
Marie never wore skirts due to her fear of exposing her cankles.
by khrysler May 26, 2006
Refers to ankles that are actually the same size as the calf.
If I had cankles like that I would always wear long pants. Usually present on old woman who have swollen legs and in some instances young people too.
by kb4 April 09, 2006
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