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A muffler, usually bought on Ebay, is welded to a stock exhuast system. It is usually bought and installed on Civics, Cavaliers, Neons and others that do not have heavy aftermarket supports. Because it is installed on a stock exhaust system, it usually sounds like shit. Kids who live with their moms that work at McDonalds purchase these coffee cans.
Yuki: Hey that kid has a nice car but why does it sound like shit?
Ray: Cuz that guy's gotta coffee can off Ebay.
by Yukester November 19, 2007
When a guy's dick is so big and thick, it has the circumference of a Foldger's coffee can.
TJ makes his own hole when he fucks you with his coffee can.
by Capricorn3 October 15, 2010
A coffe can is a big ass hole...u see this wen girls get fuked in the ass by big dick...Its sumthin thyt jims mom has
I was goin 2 fuk jims mom in the pooper but then i found out that she had a Coffee can
by weird fuken dude April 28, 2006

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