Where the calf and ankle merge to become one large stalk and takes on a tree-trunkish appearance
I have cankle sores.
by me November 14, 2003
Its when your so fat that you cant tell where the calf ends and the ankle begins. One of Bill Clintons number 1 sayings.
Skinny Guy: What the hell is up with your leg.
Fat Chick: I dont know.
Bill Clinton: Thats a cankle.
by SnipeAnator April 11, 2008
When the calf of a woman/man seems to fuse to the foot, not leaving any slimness between these two points. Mostly tubbos (really morbidly obese people) have these goin on.
1)That really, enormously chunky lady over there had some insane cankles.

2)If anybody finds cankles attractive, something is seriously wrong with you.
by Elm0 December 27, 2006
where the calf and the ankle looks like an over risen homeade loaf of bread stuffed into a shoe.
that bitch should spread some butter on those things to get those shoes on
by t.j. March 09, 2004
(n): 1.the region of the leg in which the ankle should be but is not present due to massive amounts of fat.
2.When a really fat person appears to have no ankles because the calf runs directly into the foot resulting in the appearance that there are no ankles.
Yo, that chick's got the biggest cankles ever. I swear she doesn't even have a heal.
by black ass February 26, 2003
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