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copious amount of hair on the back, similar to 70's shag carpet only less colorful and even more hideous.

a bastardization of BACK and CARPET.

pronounced BARK-it
In spite of his wild barcet, Ron Jeremy continues to get work in prono.
by almost_665 November 05, 2005
a part of the human body, namely, where the "C"alf meets the "Ankle," and more specifically, a condition when you cannot positively identify one or the other on certain individuals.
Jeff: "Wow, Kirstie Alley is getting huge!"

Kerry: "No kidding. She's sportin' some shapely cankles!"
by almost_665 November 05, 2005
Motorcycle Club. usually displayed on a club's colors in a cube on the back of a vest, usually made of leather or denim, but in the case of the Centauris, pink velvet.
Dont fuck with the El Rumpo de la Range M.C....they'll knock you down and teabag you before you know what hit ya!
by almost_665 November 05, 2005

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