There are two differing forms of the cankle
1: Where the ankle is large enough that it is unable to be distinquished from the calf.
2: Where the calf is slender enough that it is unable to be distinguished from the ankle.
1: Man, How could you hook up with Mandy? That bitch is so large that she's got cankles.
2: Of the two types of cankles, kenyan marathoners have the latter.
by The Constar July 26, 2009
Describing the lower legs, especially that of women, where the
calves continue past the ankles and meet with the heel.
Rosie O'Donnell has some sweet ass "cankles".
by Killjoy12 March 16, 2008
a part of the human body, namely, where the "C"alf meets the "Ankle," and more specifically, a condition when you cannot positively identify one or the other on certain individuals.
Jeff: "Wow, Kirstie Alley is getting huge!"

Kerry: "No kidding. She's sportin' some shapely cankles!"
by almost_665 November 05, 2005
A lady with a lack of definition to her legs. The calf and ankle appear to have merged into one and other and you might describe them as her cankles.
Person 1: Poor girl, must have had a nasty sting from a Stingray or something?

Person 2: No mate, she was born that way, she's just got cankles.
by FruddyLovely February 25, 2010
lower part of the leg where the ankle and calf are seemingly one, usually due to obesity.
She slipped and broke her cankles while doing the Macarena
by Mr. English123 January 29, 2009
Something found on the leg, near the foot, of most women residing in Michigan.
Sally has cankles, and she lives 15 minutes west of Detroit Michigan.
by Aardvarrrrk October 09, 2007
And ankle you get from eating too much cake.
cake + ankles = cankles.

It look like the ankle doesn't exist, it's just more calf.
"She ate so much cake, she got cankles!"
by BobbyPlaya July 26, 2009

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