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A georgous and highly multicultural country full of life, culture, and spirit. Spain is a series of many different climates and terrains, and inevitably different cultures (castellan, gallegan, etc). Home to the most beautiful women in the world!
Because Spain is extremely georgous, you should go there one of these days.
by william joseph hemmington December 21, 2004
Loyola High School of Los Angeles is among the greatest high schools in this nation. We have gotten many championships in just about every sport. Our gridiron is a tremendous powerhouse and we are led by a great man and a respected man and friend of mine named Steve Grady. We won the national championship in 1975! Not only that, but our academics are outstanding. We average a 1400 SAT and have impecable GPAs. Anyone who doesn't like Loyola must either go to bastard schools like Mater Dei, Hart, Servite, and other Loyola wannabe schools in the Serra League.
Mater Dei Boy 1: Today Loyola came out and knocked our heads off.
Mater Dei Boy 2: I know. I might even have a concussion right now.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
A penis fatter than it is long; chode
Because Edgar had a chode, Erma called it a tuna can.
by william joseph hemmington December 21, 2004
A gang residing around the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, California.
A group of anvenues wrote their cholo words all over the wall.
by william joseph hemmington December 23, 2004
Although unsure of the correct spelling, it refers to the time in which a corpse becomes hard.
The dead body attained a state of rigamortus after several hours.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
A theme park in San Dimas, California with incredibly beautiful and bodacious teenage girls. Come especially when the junior life guard team comes and you will see baywatch babes in the making.
5 year old boy: I went to Raging Waters and strangely attained rigamortus of my genitals.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
a person who would like to kill another human being by way of shooting their jizz at another person. oftentimes, this only grosses the person out and causes them to become very angry. in the jizzee's rage, they will probably kill the jizzer.
the cumikazi ended up getting his ass beaten so hard that he cried like a little girl.
#cum #kamakazi #japan #japanese #suicide
by william joseph hemmington January 07, 2006
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