When the calves and ankles of a person's feet merge into a straight line with no distinction of which is which.
Fat people usually have cankles, but it can also occur with anyone.
(This is not to be confused with someone having thick ankles. If someone has thick ankles they still have a curve in their leg, but with cankles, the front view of their foot is completely straight.)
Look at that fat lady and her cankles!

My boyfriend says I have cankles.
by Rorschach_the_pwnsome June 11, 2009
when a persons ankle is the same width as their calf muscles... that is called a cankle
te he... what a cankle
by Michelle Pond October 12, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, you don't really have to be fat to have cankles (though they are cute on chubbish girls), you just have to have boringly straight legs with no middleman, that is, no tapering between the calf and the heel. Looks less severe on skinny folk.
Alternate spelling: Kankle
Fat hasn't caused my cankle problem, I just have straight and boring legs.
by SirOnThePhoneALot April 10, 2009
When a woman`s calve muscles blend in with her ankles.
Bro, did you see the cankles on that fat chic?
by SM 2028 November 12, 2009
The area that should be an ankle, but instead skips right to the foot.
"Yo Michelle has mad cankles!"
by Mortgage May 13, 2014
Lack of narrowing of the lower calf where it meets the foot.
It's amazing that guy can get his shoes on with those cankles.
by SimonPure September 17, 2010
When there is no clear distinction as to where the ankle and calf are separated. It's most common in people that are heavy or big-boned. (meaning they usually shake the house when they walk, or waddle)
Where are Wanda's calf and ankle? Since I can't see them, she must have cankles!
by Cankles the Friendly Hippo September 11, 2003

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