noun; the meeting of the calf and the foot where an ankle is not present due to lack of ankle definition.
That girls ankles are so thick, they aren't ankles at all...indeed, they are cankles!
by Michael Kenny October 18, 2002
A swelling of the ankle and lower calf so as to obliterate the normal tapered boundary between the two. While it may be simply be deposition of adipose tissue (fat), or even excessive standing, in some cases the cankle may represent a symptom of kidney disease or even congestive heart failure, in that the swelling could be caused by excessive fluid retention in the lower leg which the failing heart is unable to pump uphill or the kidneys are unable to excrete into the urine.

While the term is ordinarily used in a sexist manner to insult a woman's beauty, cankles may represent more than a mere cosmetic problem, but actually a dangerous situation calling for evfaluation by a physician.
The middle-aged woman was so ashamed of her cankle(s) that she had long worn long dresses to obscure them but, later, only after she had been hospitalized with severe kidney and heart disease, did her family realize that the cankle(s) were an early sign of her illness.
by Dr Whosis October 12, 2009
the seamless blend of calf into ankle. accomplished by inflammation, obesity, athleticism or a combinaiton of the three. the affected leg takes on the shape of a summer sausage with a human foot at the end. there is no defintion of the calf because it is obscured most often by fat which spills down over the ankle, hiding it, and causing a cankle to form.
im glad maggie doesn't have cankles anymore, although now im the only one left in the cankle support group
by ChipK August 13, 2005
Where you can't tell where the calf fat ends and the ankle fat begins. Who knows? That's the fun.
Bill Clinton likes himself a good pair of cankles. He judged the Miss Cankle USA contest.
by The Fifth Floor May 04, 2009
A grossly malformed, disproportionate, and tree stump-like ankle that seamlessly merges into the calf, so that there is no singular "ankle" or "calf".
Puhhleeeaaze, girl! You got them nasty-ass cankles that not even Corky would wanna jump yer bones!
by jojo dancer October 13, 2004
Ankles on a obese person. The ankles are so big there is nothing between the calf and the foot, so its called a cankle.
A 500 pound woman was walking down the stairs, then she tripped on her cankle and fell. The fall broke her back.
by Sam Asshole H. May 08, 2010
An ankle of a very fat person that is so fat that it combines with the calf of the leg to create one large formation and it no longer has the definition of an ankle.

A leg or legs with much flesh on it, usually wobbling, that has no shapely definition.
The woman who weighed 400 pounds had legs that resembled tree trunks. Her cankles were a combination of her ankles and her calves all in one.
by AnnieOakley120 March 04, 2010
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