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CDP, an abbreviation for:
"Calm Down, Please."
- A quick way of puttin kids in their place... equivalent to several hundred bitch slaps, yet more subtle. and sweeter.
- Used to describe someone who's too hyped for his own good.

CDP, the anti-hyphy movement.
- For the ppl tired of the much commercialized, bullshit hyphy music that the bay area rappers (notably E-40 and KEAK DA SNEAK) are currently putting out.
- Fact: If Mac Dre didn't die, hyphy would've never gotten any attention outside the bay area.

alternatives of the CDP:
general usage:
Kid 1: "Ey, check that freakshow jump roping with his ARMS... and he doesn't even have LEGS!"
Kid 2: "Wow, the kid's gotta CDP"

the "subtle bitch-slap":
Dudey #1: "OH EM GEE! i haven't seen u in like.... forEVER! u doin anything this saturday?"
Me: "...CDP..."
Dudey #1: (10 years of psychotherapy, with no results.)

the anti-hyphy movement:
Cat: "Man, i used to fucks with that "get stupid" hyphy shit when Mac Dre was around... this new commercialized shit is killin me, dawg"
Dawg: "I feel ya, fa sho. cats be wildin out on some stupid shit. that's y we gotta rep CDP. u kno how we do"
Pharrell: "yezzir"
by lukash August 13, 2006
Certified Dime Piece

Women ranking between 8 and 10 on the looks scale(personality not applicable).

These women make up about 1% of the world but in some areas can be found in large concentrations (USC, Ole Miss, FSU, etc)
Joe: "That chick is at least a 9."

Larry: "CDP no doubt"

Joe: "Yup. She's definately certified"
by Acer2009 September 14, 2009
CDP stands for Chronic Dry Pussy. When a female with a vagina is dryer than the sands of the Sahara desert.
"Man, that NABB had some major CDP.."
by NABB Please February 05, 2015
Certified-Dime-Piece..a girl of extreme beauty

-a document granting a girls extreme beauty and making it known
damn man i went to the club and saw nothin but C.D.P.' was a sight of beauty
by christophorus September 06, 2010
CDP, an abbreviation for:
"Clean Disposable Pussy"

- Used to describe clean girls, who can be used to temporary fulfill the needs of a guy (or lesbian), until he\she finds a real girlfriend.
"I'm new in this town, is there much CDP around?"
by Pdiggity May 28, 2008
A group of technical people, who are in fact a bunch of bitches.
CDP, those guys are a bunch of bitches.


CDP, bunch of bitches.
by anonymous November 04, 2004
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