Pharrells line, meaning "yes sir". Usually said very fast.
(From the song "Can I Have it Like That")
Ladies and gentlemen,
Let's do it!,
by Maggey Lafoxy January 04, 2007
Used in a snoop doog music video. Means for sure, absolutely
Are coming to the spot tonight ?
by m0nk January 14, 2005
to confirm or agree with

slang for "yes sir"
Jon: "Yo, did your really kiss her"
Max: "Yezzir!"
by cjam089 January 28, 2010
Yes Sir, said at a faster paste.

Juicy J from 36 Mafia says it pretty often
Guy1: You hungry
Guy2: yezzir
by TexXxas April 29, 2008
it basicly means yes sir
yo nigga we gonna smoke tonight
by frank April 08, 2005

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