Buttering is self serving behaviour.. In order to get your own way.
Stop buttering me up.

No worries... I can butter him/her up anytime.
by soulmate June 30, 2004
When on the dancefloor in your local discotheque, grab two people of the opposite sex and then have them rub up against you. One in front, one behind. Voila - you have been buttered.
Butter me up baby!
by Lurpak April 29, 2003
It's the opposite of a roast. While people in a roasting event would gather up to make fun of a single person, a buttering event has people gather up to adore, praise, and talk good about that person. Sometimes, it's extended to include everyone, so that each person has a chance to receive a variety of compliments. You can't talk bad about someone at a buttering event. The worst you can get to talking bad about someone is constructive criticism, guidence, and maybe a compliment sandwhich.
Coworker 1: Hey. Have you heard that the Coolerman and The Boss were feeling sad lately

Coworker 2: Yeah. They were feeling underappreciated, lonely, and unconfident.

Coworker 3: I have an idea! Let's have a buttering.

Coworker 1 and Coworker 2: That's a great idea!

Coworker 1: That way, they would feel more appreciated.

Coworker 2: A buttering event sounds perfect!

* later that day.

All: Surprise!!!

Coolerman and The Boss: This is so unexpected!

Coworker 7: Coolman is so awesome, he helped me with some paperwork

Coworker 5: The Boss is so cool, he gave me a day off when I was feeling sick.

Coworker 8: Coolman is so fantastic, he helped organize my daughter's birthday party.

Coworker 9: The Boss and Coolman are so cool, they're indestructable!
by HawiianPunch1 February 15, 2014
The act of cumming on a girl and then spreading with your penis like you're buttering bread.
Mate, I well pulled this girl and i did some buttering on her chest.
by nelsonLANTERN January 08, 2011
The act of using butter for anal sex lubricant. Popularized by Marlon Brando in the movie, "Last Tango In Paris"
After I buttered her up, I proceeded to penetrate her analey with my erect penis.
by Maxwell June 29, 2004
Doing a 360 around your thumb with a pen, marker, pencil, or other writting utensil. Although difficult to get down at first, it becomes second nature to butter around 7 times in a row.
English was slow today, so I was buttering with my pen for twenty minutes and got 15 in a row.
by gone laggs May 04, 2010

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