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When on the dancefloor in your local discotheque, grab two people of the opposite sex and then have them rub up against you. One in front, one behind. Voila - you have been buttered.
Butter me up baby!
by Lurpak April 29, 2003
sticky, lard like substance, used in buttering procedures - see also, "buttering".
Ohhh.... goosefat!
by Lurpak April 29, 2003
Someone you would like to butter up. Please see definition of "buttering" and "goosefat".
Our company is now hiring butterlicious temps
by Lurpak April 29, 2003
Random short bloke who hangs around the ladies toilets at our company. Probably sniffs the seats too.......
Watch out, the toilet gnome is about!
by Lurpak April 29, 2003
Indescribable words used in the Christina Aguleria (however you spell it!) song "dirrrrrty".
Floor elbow, ring the alarm, floor elbows
by Lurpak April 29, 2003
The noise a goose makes, see also, "goosefat and buttering"
Honk if you're horny
by Lurpak April 29, 2003

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