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52 definitions by Maxwell

Another name for the sexy large breasted actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.
My fantasy is to titty fuck Jennifer Love Hugetits.
by Maxwell November 20, 2004
547 145
An African American word for asked.
Jerome axed his mother for some money to go to the store.
by Maxwell December 17, 2004
314 88
(1) to accuse someone of something or to point blame.
(2) to insert ones fingers in a woman’s vagina or anus for sexual stimulation.
(1) Dave was fingered by his boss at work for stealing.
(2) Joe fingered Laura in his car after there first date.
by Maxwell December 27, 2004
441 276
The act of a buyer negotiating a lower price for goods or services from a seller.
The car dealer wanted me to pay sticker price for my new car, but I successfully Jewed him down to a lower price.
by Maxwell July 17, 2004
247 93
An African American word for birthday.
Natasha gave birf to her 3rd child on her 17th birfday.
by Maxwell January 18, 2005
400 256
Manual hand stimulation of the female genitals and anal area whereas two fingers are inserted into the vagina (pink) and one in the anus (stink).
Sara likes two in the pink and one in the stink before sex.
by Maxwell December 19, 2003
188 48
An African American word for “Not Yours”.
Hey Man, Dat crack pipe nachos.
by Maxwell December 17, 2004
143 67