When a person is offended, mad, upset, pissed off, hurt, etc... for something you said or did.
* She got all butthurt because we didnt invite her to go shopping with us.

* When I had to cancel our date at the last minute, my boyfriend got all butthurt about it!
by sxc_biotch July 10, 2008
a person who is highly sensitive over minor things
-usually affects a boy who is trying to compensate for his shortcomings
Addison was pretty butthurt today, his friend didn't say bye to him after school.
by AirJordan1234567 May 23, 2008
A person who may be a whiny little bitch, sad, upset, or pissed off about an event or something that occured.
Dan Hogan was all butthurt after someone had drawn a penis on his car.
by Butthurt October 27, 2008
Whenever someone gets so hurt by something that it cannot be defined as a regular persons pain but similar to a gay guys hurt the first time intercourse is made!
oh my gosh it wasnt even mean, dont get butthurt!
by tori dudley July 10, 2008
It's the feeling of betrayal or extreme sadness. As with misunderstandings or somebody neglecting you. (popularized by ARCO_THUNDER)
Arco spun me out and laughed so hard he cried. I thought we were friends but I just feel so "butt-hurt". If I had gay friends I would worry about butthurtness.
by Mr. Thunder July 10, 2008
A state of being pissed off when wronged by another person.
Packman "BANG-COCKED" Justin and he got all butthurt about it!
by Selesi July 15, 2006
To be upset with someone or something and to have a bad attitude.
He didn't get his way so now he is all butt hurt over it.
by Pucky December 15, 2005

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