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A special feeling in the lower backside after it has been kicked or fucked. It is usually characterized by noisy whining and complaining after being owned.
Billy got severe butthurt after his parents took away his video games.
by Ambassador of lulz August 31, 2009
51 90
When an SvA newbie takes a thread concerning power rangers and neon SRT-4's literally, and proceeds to get angry.
*Bonus because of the butthurt nEWBie!
by The sh4rk January 28, 2005
43 84
Being pissed of, saddend, whiney, or just being in love and talking about that person all the time.
"trev is all butthurt about that girl. he loves her, gross."
by bnasteez April 10, 2008
6 48
when your emotionally depressed . cant think about anything or anyone besides the peron who got you all pissed and loserish
why do you have to get all butthurt because i didnt remember youor birthday, god you niglet.
by shelly July 23, 2004
46 88
When an inconsiderate asshole causes you pain or grief that starts at your heart and drops to your ass; upset; hurt; let down; mad; etc.
Santino was all butthurt because I didn't make him feel special.
by T-Bone October 02, 2003
28 70
When or after eating something hot, spicy. When your ass just wont stop shitting, When its just not normal shit, just like mudbutt, soupass, waterfalls. When it hurts when wiping.
Man i ate them tacos last night before i went to bed, i woke up with butthurt
by Ass Doc December 11, 2008
15 57
The burning sensation in the anus after homosexual intercourse
Wow, that was great, but now I'm feeling a little butthurt
by HeathHeath July 15, 2008
13 56