The burning sensation in the anus after homosexual intercourse
Wow, that was great, but now I'm feeling a little butthurt
by HeathHeath July 15, 2008
Being extremely ugly. Usually referred to the face.
Are you kidding, he's freakin BUTTHURT!!
by wazzzupwitit December 29, 2010
To feel as if you've been kicked in the ass by a steal-toed boot.

The etymology of the word stems from the ancient Greeks observing a descrepit puppy being kicked in the bum by an unwelcoming shop owner. Once a well placed kick has contacted the said bumhole the puppy will run off crying with its tail between its legs.
By declining to have lunch with me, Tim made me feel all butthurt.
by I like monkeys. August 17, 2007
(v) - The act of whining when someone hurts someone else's feelings, usually by taking strides to be excessively vocal about it, mainly in public.
Oh you are so wrong, like, oh my gawd. What the eff is wrong with you? Were you like, born somewhere else or something? Seriously, like, who the fuck are you to come in here and be like that. Yeah. For Reals. Quit being butthurt and take a chill pill.
by Phaeton Brutalis September 16, 2010
Butt hurt is a term used to describe teh non consentual "hawt ghey secks". Can also mean annoyed.
Person: Why is Mark acting so butt hurt today?
by hill16 April 17, 2008
To whine, bitch, or complain like a woman.
When I told my girlfriend I'd rather play video games than go out to dinner, she got all butthurt.
by CRX August 18, 2005
What you are after the Tossed Salad Man is finished with you. See toss salad.
My butt hurt because I just had my salad tossed and the faggot used teeth.
by Wang Delicious January 28, 2003

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