James Wilson.
Gamertag: MidnightVirgin
Golly gee Wilkers that James Wilson sure is butthurt.
by Midnightvirgin August 10, 2012
Something that dumb britfags say when they're feelings get hurt.
Huurrr durr y u so butthurt? I must be a comedic genius for saying that because I'm fucking British and don't give a shit.
by flytallerkin September 13, 2012
The act of ruining a perfactly good time because your miserable and have an attitude and just can't be happy about anything.
Geoff...were in Thailand. Can u please stop complaining about the Indians that try to sell you there goods and they smell really bad. Your being a real butthurt right now.
by xxxmetalhead310 May 08, 2011
Soar or hurt, feeling bad
i am butt hurt cause that bear stole my bitch!
by buthurtboy September 09, 2009
adj.A feeling described by the action taken when one feels sorry for oneself. Feeling of self-pity.
After being chewed out by the coach for my stupid mistake, I was feeling butthurt. No one else felt sorry for me.
by Mel Roberts October 27, 2007
1. Displaying the emotions and feelings a small child would exhibit after falling on their butt. 2. Exaggerate one's distress in the same manner a child would after falling and not being injured.
When I took Jim's last cupcake, he got all butt hurt and didn't have dinner with us.
by Hamarz September 18, 2006
when someone gets all whiney and mopey about something dumb. see green weenie

term first coined on a stupid boat filled with military personnel.

see also - meadows - waddell
you just butt hurt 'cuz you gotta scrub the floor.
by disgruntled by usmc May 16, 2003

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