Top Definition
Basically A Substitute for Bullshit.
This website is funking bullroar
by TZA February 27, 2004
Substitute word for bullshit, bollocks, etc.
An exclamation of frustration, defiance or denouncement.
You're under arrest for veganity violation, code number 827 - Imbibing a half-and-half.

Wha- that's bullroar!
#bull-roar #bullshit #bull-shit #bollocks #blasphemy
by iamded April 05, 2011
Not true, false, deceptive
That's bullroar!
#bullshit #bullcrap #false #fabrication #feint
by s15763w October 16, 2010
A very old expression meaning hogwash.
John Kerry spouts a lot of bullroar.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
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