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A load of BULLSHIT!!!
Oh, what a bunch of hogwash!
by Cloudburst_Juggalo August 14, 2002
197 27
If not mentioned by a british person, a clean and polite way to say, "BULLSHIT!"
I got a F on my test? Thats total HOGWASH!
by Jörg December 11, 2006
99 40
Not of high quality.
Complete Bull.
Not that awesome.
Kind of crappy.
Not porperly completed work.
A lie.
A statement of an non-accurate origin.
This document is complete Hog Wash.
by Jim Don August 18, 2005
39 10
The bi-product of washing hogs in a large, generally 100L beaker. The hogs are washed in a mixture of water and small amounts of soap by the hogwasher, who uses a hogwashing mop to wash the hog. The hogwash is then dispensed through the hogwash dispenser attached to the beaker, and is then distributed.

Hogwash is a well known, natural cure for many rashes, and sickness's, often recomended by chinese herbalists. Hogwashing kits may be picked up from your local herbalist.
Sick man: "I've got this horrible rash all over my crotch doc!"
Chinese herbalist: "Just put some hogwash on it! Kits are $45."
Sick man: "Awsome, thanks doc!"
by Hogwashmaster August 23, 2010
35 22
somthing bad,stanky,stupid
"That dude smells like hog wash"
by billy bob jonson December 31, 2011
3 3
The act of taking one's penis and rubbing it in dirt or mud, and have anal sex while it is still dirty.
John and his wife, Shelly, enjoyed an intense hogwash after John got home from his trip.
by Jimmy H. Wash June 11, 2011
10 23
A hogwash is a trip to the restroom lasting for upwards of four to six hours. Usually larger people experience hogwash more often than smaller folk.
Our woodshop teacher has been out for a whole week and we have that really old really dumb substitute. Man, that was one long hogwash!
by David "Can Do" Kennedy July 12, 2006
37 59