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A religion for the new millenium, the foundations of which are formed by the principles of veganism. At its core is the desire to curb excessive usage of non renewable resources and thus perpetuate the existance of a habitable planet, and hence the human race.
Thought to have been started by a two vegans and a blog entry somewhere back in '06.
"Dude, I want to do something to make the world a better place."
"Convert to Veganity."
by reincarnatedneutrino November 23, 2006
vee·gan·i·ty P Pronunciation Key ('vE-g&n-itie)

1.The quality or condition of being a vegn.
2.The state of being pure, unsullied, or untouched by meat and animal products.
Dina has lost her veganity by eating sausage.
by flickiter January 17, 2006
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