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To beat the hell outta someone; to hit, slap, kick; to mess someone up
Hey, you little cunt, give me you lunch money or I'll brush you.

If you dey sit next 2 a gurl who say ur breath dey stink, waitin you gon do??You go brush- am
by Dr.Dru August 04, 2007
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a slang used in place of beat.
That guy was feeling to fly with himself,but stopped when he was brushed by his class mate.
by iycepuff January 07, 2009
A hair tool that is used for female masterbation....specifically for Nicole Terry.
Nikki got really horny in the shower and used a brush to masterbate with
by Nick April 27, 2004
Jamaican gangster expression meaning to murder someone
Mek mi go brush dat bwoy deh
by Ice Dog April 14, 2004
brotherly love for a girl. When a guy likes to make a girl his sister.
Two strangers, male and female like to have a loving relationship like a brothers and sisters, they have a brush on each other.
by Skrillex2014 March 19, 2014
good, cool, fresh
Your shoes are so brush.
by lynbaee May 18, 2011
same thing as talking shit
joe: yo bro i heard you were talking mad brush
ed: chill man wasnt me
by yaboyyyyyyyy December 15, 2010

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