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1. (noun) A tool that is run across surfaces to clean or style it in some manner. See hair brush, tooth brush, etc. Made of tiny bristles or teeth that scrape dirt out, scratch the surface, and remove loose things.

2. (verb) To run an appropriate brush across the surface it was designed for, the process of cleaning.

3. (noun) Loose vegetation (often dead) found low to the ground.

4. (verb) To loosely touch without purpose.
I bought a brush today.
I brushed my teeth with my tooth brush.
I brushed my hair with my hair brush.
When the bear ran at me, I hid in the brush.
I brushed her arm as I passed by.
I apologized, and then brushed past her as I took the only means out of the room.
by Jordan Hill August 10, 2004
21 22
same thing as talking shit
joe: yo bro i heard you were talking mad brush
ed: chill man wasnt me
by yaboyyyyyyyy December 15, 2010
3 5

1. a mustache

2. pubic hair

3. a fight

4. a rural place, the backwoods

5. to dismiss quickly
I Forgot to trim my brush.
by The Return of Light Joker April 10, 2008
6 9
A term used when you are smoking weed that is exceptually good. Also known as Cronic.

Good weed
Josh-Damn I cant believe how good this weed is
Wilson-I know this brush is getting me so jiffy!!
by Joshua Lang January 17, 2008
8 11
another word for a fox's tail, mainly used in hunters' language
After the fox was killed his brush was cut off and taken as a trophy.
by Hakuoh88 January 03, 2010
6 11
An old-fashioned term used for woman.
That classy dame at the diner is a good looking brush.
by itispbjellytime December 07, 2008
8 13
term used to describe pubic hair while it is still connected to the body.
Get that brush outta my face! I'm not in the mood.
by Siobhan November 22, 2003
8 26