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A unit of time that is 1/100th of a second
I'll be back in a jiffy
by Moo May 31, 2004
Slang term for something or someone being smooth, like the peanut butter. Can also be used to say something is cool
Dude Mark is so jiffy with the women.

Tom Cruise: Have you seen that new Tom Cruise film?

Tom Cruise: No, but i heard it was pretty jiffy!
by Jamammal January 03, 2011
The unit of time that is one jiffy cannot be defined relative to other units of time, it is separate, disassociated and different from the way other units are measured and experienced and cannot therefore be explained it terms of amount of time. For jiffy is time, in its raw form and is not like anything that we as humans can comprehend!
Thor: I'll be there in a jiffy.
Inconspicuous looking egg: That does not give me any indication as to how long you are going to be as jiffy is an indefinable period of time.
by dogfly September 21, 2007
A jiffy is a unit of time: 0.0000000000033357 seconds or (3.3357x10^-11) or (3.3357 times 10 to the power of minus 11).

So named for the length it takes to travel a centimetre in a vaccum.
"I will be back in a jiffy!!"
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
The amount of time taken for a beam of light to travel the diameter of 1 nucleon(the particles that make up the nucleus of an atom)in a vacuum.
It would take billions of "jiffies" to just say the word jiffy.
by Dr.What April 18, 2010
Really short period of time.

(Unlike TTTM has mentioned as ranging from 1/1000th of a second to 5 minutes.) TTTM, 5 minutes are called 5 MINUTES, not jiffy. May be 5 minutes are jiffy for your age, but certainly its not the definition.
I'll come over in a jiffy.
by RikSandy May 08, 2009
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