To urinate or piss, pee, take a leak or drain the snake.
"Man i haven't bruced or yanni'd recently, i gotta go soon"
by French Dip April 08, 2008
The term bruce, means to take a shit. There are only a select few people who use this slag term, it is not a common word used for shit. certain guys from south london will know the term.
"Yo family got to go cut a bruce... back in a bit"
by G nozzil February 12, 2008
Bruce is the downbringinest downbringer there ever was. Bruce is the Chuck Norris of buzzkills, so much so that he is referenced in pop culture songs.
Don't bring me down... Brrrruce (roll the rrrrr's in Bruce, of course)
by Murdyruss August 01, 2009
To fold a beer bottle cap in half. Named because the folded cap resembles Bruce Spingsteen's overbite.
Dan: I bruced a bunch of Yuengling caps last night.
Kevin: The pile on the coffee table?
Dan: Yep. I'm leaving them out for everyone to admire.
by Powdered Chicken April 29, 2008
A terrible friend, horrible person to be around, a complete douche. He'll rip your life apart if you stay around him long. So screw your friendship with him :D Trust me!
by babygotback9 July 02, 2010
A straight male who acts like or is a complete flamer or d-bag
That boy a bruce.

by blankyadig February 28, 2010
A cross-dressing, closet gay, wanna-be fake cowboy who thinks that all women of the Earth worship him. Royally sucks at singing yet thinks he is God of Karaoke. Habitually lies to women so he can get laid -- at any cost. Yet for all his obsessing over having sex with women, secretly orders gay black porno mags and vids on eBay and jacks off to it while dressed like a red-headed hooker named Sandy.
1. See that guy singing karaoke? He sucks, what a total Bruce.

2. Hey, there's a Bruce working the corner of Broadway, he's such an ugly tranny.
by IrisLaRue February 04, 2010

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