To physically assault (often by punching) a child of 14 years or less who you are in charge of taking care of for the day at a summer camp.
Yo, I'm so pissed that Bobby won't listen to me today, I might just "bruce" him.
by greg7787 July 27, 2009
The term bruce, means to take a shit. There are only a select few people who use this slag term, it is not a common word used for shit. certain guys from south london will know the term.
"Yo family got to go cut a bruce... back in a bit"
by G nozzil February 12, 2008
Bruce is the downbringinest downbringer there ever was. Bruce is the Chuck Norris of buzzkills, so much so that he is referenced in pop culture songs.
Don't bring me down... Brrrruce (roll the rrrrr's in Bruce, of course)
by Murdyruss August 01, 2009
To fold a beer bottle cap in half. Named because the folded cap resembles Bruce Spingsteen's overbite.
Dan: I bruced a bunch of Yuengling caps last night.
Kevin: The pile on the coffee table?
Dan: Yep. I'm leaving them out for everyone to admire.
by Powdered Chicken April 29, 2008
A terrible friend, horrible person to be around, a complete douche. He'll rip your life apart if you stay around him long. So screw your friendship with him :D Trust me!
by babygotback9 July 02, 2010
A straight male who acts like or is a complete flamer or d-bag
That boy a bruce.

by blankyadig February 28, 2010
A shell who thinks it is a man and tries to steal your wife by telling her what she wants to hear and making her think you're not good enough and your marriage is doomed anyway so he can have his way with her. A Bruce is someone who thinks they're the best singer out there when you could totally kick his ass singing something like "Three Blind Mice" while totally drunk off your ass and singing with your head in a bucket. A Bruce constantly wears a hat to cover his stupid, ugly, pit of a head. A Bruce has a face worn down by years of eating, sleeping and shitting stupid. A Bruce is a two-faced jerkoff. Speaking of JERKOFF, A Bruce is a total freak who likes to masturbate while watching Oprah and America's Funniest Videos, and while reading the comics from the Sunday paper. Bruces often do not roam in herds and can't keep a mate because they don't know how to mount them properly. Bruces tend to migrate, but only go South, often forgetting the other directions entirely. A Bruce often keeps a guitar in a spare bedroom but doesn't know how to play it. A Bruce can usually play pool very well, but prefers pocket pool or solitaire, or pin the tail on the porn star, or let's see if I can nail another married woman, or how many fingers do you see, wait, let me take these out of my ass and count again.
Person 1: Hey, did you see that Bruce?

Person 2: Yeah, it looks really lame...probably from years of beating off while watching Judge Judy and Josie & The Pussycats on split screen, and eating mac & cheese in his boxer shorts with smurfs on them.

Person 3: Shut up you sick bastards, Bruce is right THERE!

Bruce: Hey, I'm trying to masturbate, can you keep it down?
by brogers2009 February 04, 2010
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