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A dominating, seven-foot badass who performs on RAW. Used to wear a mask, but now shows his extremely ugly face. Also known as the Big Red Machine.
Kane will one day get another world title reign.
by Viros April 08, 2004
A name you would call someone, if they were very awsome beyond beleif.
Dude, dont even try to talk to him, hes so kane.
by renn March 01, 2005
7 foot monster of WWE...he is badass and all around dominating!!!
Kane rules!!!
by Douchebag March 11, 2004
The name given to the most incredible boy ever alive! He is exxxxxxtremely funny, & makes me physcially laugh out loud. He has got the most amazing blue eyes which i would litchrally die for. He has the best taste in musicc & thinks lady gaga is sexyyy! His future career will be an underwear model cos he iz well phit, and everyone wants his sweet sweet ass!

i love you, kane
person: man hes hot
me: hes got nothing on kane ;)
by itsbecky March 01, 2010
The Sexiest, fittest man you'll ever know. Cool but nerdy and always has more than a foot long pork sword. All the girls want him but deny it to them self usually end with suicide. If you know a Kane and he is single let him know how you feel. His dick is so long, you'll be clinging on to the bed sheets
Kane its so long I... I... think I'm gonna...
That was so hot and moist.
by lycanthrope August 16, 2012
The sinister bald-headed, goatee-sporting leader of the terrorist group "Brotherhood of N.O.D." in the Command & Conquer series. Played by Joseph Kucan.
kane is the leader of NOD
by dugald December 01, 2004
the best looking person in the world he is sooooo fit and sexy with his amazing blue eyes and his well built body... his six pack is to die for..... ther isnt a girl on the planet that wouldnt want to fuck him.

by ILOVEKANE December 30, 2011
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