Bruce is a slang term for the word batch. Batch is a slang word for tobacco. You put bruce under neath yout bowls. A prefered mixture for bruce bowls is 50/50(50 percent bruce and 50 percent weed) Bruce always goes on the bottom. Bruce is a necessity. Without bruce we will all die. Thank god for bruce.
Do you have any bruce for my bowl?
I picked up a fresh pack of bruce.
by Bag of Destiny November 25, 2007
Another word for a cheap or inferior beer. Derived from brewski.
This party blows, hey Broseph, toss me another Bruce.
by jslice68 October 12, 2009
in a state of immense phyiscal daze. Unable to control neck, lip and eyelid muscles in a conventional manner.
'Bruced out'
'Look at the state of that bruce'
'Have u ever seen a pussy, brucey?'
A slang term for "to leave". Originally to take leave against one's will, or in any case where going away would be a disappointment of some kind. However, over time it has been generalized to be used for any type of leaving or going away. It is now used in much the same way as the older slang term "to split"

The origin of this usage seems to be the ELO song "Don't bring me down" which contains the lyric "Don't bring me down, bruce"
"I'm sorry, I've got to bruce. I'll see you later."

"Did he bruce already?"

"Are we ready to bruce?"
by esmsms February 28, 2008
feeling or looking really rough and dirty
"I'm feeling really bruce today."
"Yeah you're looking really bruce."
by Scraw April 13, 2009
The dropping of food onto the shirt or pants of the person eating while moving said food from the plate/tray/box/napkin to their mouth for consumption.


While not limited to food alone brucing can only occur with liquids when they will stain said article of clothing. You can not bruce with water. You can not bruce someone else, only yourself.

The essence of brucing is to soil ones self with a food item and to continue wearing the soiled clothing in public for all the see the slobbiness of the brucee.
I can't wear a white shirt while I eat spaghetti because I always bruce.
by PoppyB September 16, 2008
To urinate or piss, pee, take a leak or drain the snake.
"Man i haven't bruced or yanni'd recently, i gotta go soon"
by French Dip April 08, 2008

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