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The act of showing up second to claim a prize.
Originated in a Adventure Motorcycle tag game in Ohio where a guy name Bruce kept showing up second to claim the tag.
It has since been adopted by tag games in all 50 states and thousands of people have been "Bruced"
Looks like I and the second person here I have been "Bruced"
by 71OLDS November 14, 2013
The act of taking a shit and wiping your ass with some ones shirt.
Dude i just bruced him his shirts covered.
by Shaggy Xx May 04, 2010
The act of moving too slowly and getting left behind by your friends.
Girl- Where'd Andrew go?

Guy- He moved too slow and got left on the subway.

Girl- He totally just got Bruced!
by JT luva July 26, 2013
The act of getting drunk out of your mind.
Let's play "the game" (fingers). Everybody put your drink in the cup, the loser is getting bruced. Looks like somebody is walking home tonight!
by king381 August 08, 2012
The act of using facebook to stalk someone or keep tabs on them.
My god this girl has bruced my profile like 100 times, she likes everything i do.
by brucedbybruce June 25, 2010
To accidently assist in a suicide.
I was trying to do myself in by jumping off a bridge. As I jumped the damn rescue vehicle bruced me.
by silverelm May 08, 2008
To get dissed by the opposite sex.
Derek: What's the point of a fancy purse? Seriously.
Emily: *pouts* It's pretty!
Derek: You just got bruced.
by Emily Connell October 15, 2008

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