An Australian
Crikey its Bruce!!
by kiduknow February 02, 2010
1: of, relating to, or characterized by being a total flaming faggot towards one of the homies.

2: of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between said homies (butt pirates).
Coop is being a Bruce again...

Bullitt looks like a Bruce in that tiny ass shirt that sits above his belly button.

Why is Ant on that dudes lap ? Fucking Bruce.
by Free uppercuts December 28, 2010
Verb - to "Bruce" something is to achieve notoriety or public acclaim in a field or endeavour by merely having the audacity to continue until acceptance is attained. To properly "Bruce" usually requires a rather substantial inheritance and a lack of actual ability.
1. "He Bruced his way into the Presidency"
2. "He's a Brucie son of a bitch"
3. "Brucin' my way through the workday"
by Big, fat, loser, Al Gore July 10, 2008
A name we all use in North London as aposed to MATEY or BUDDY.
Easy there BRUCE whats going on?
by clusta April 24, 2007
According to John Holmberg from The Morning Sickness radio show: A man with no boundaries that makes a move on a woman who is married or in an otherwise serious relationship.

See douche bag
Don't let that guy rent your spare room, he's a total Bruce.
by Ian Cammy July 21, 2008
To give or be given a one-sided beat down. Like going against Bruce Lee.
"Okay i'm about to Bruce this guy."

"I saw that fight yesterday man, you got bruced."

"If Chuck Norris tried to fight him you know he would have gotten Bruced."
by Nekesu March 07, 2008
Bruce is a slang term for the word batch. Batch is a slang word for tobacco. You put bruce under neath yout bowls. A prefered mixture for bruce bowls is 50/50(50 percent bruce and 50 percent weed) Bruce always goes on the bottom. Bruce is a necessity. Without bruce we will all die. Thank god for bruce.
Do you have any bruce for my bowl?
I picked up a fresh pack of bruce.
by Bag of Destiny November 25, 2007

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