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being called a bruce is in the end being called a willis.
you stupid fucking bruce

I think you are such a bruce

man your girl is a complete bruce
by THE STIG 123 April 14, 2008
an asian guy who is dating a non-asian girl (white, black, latino). the opposite of a miso.
Hey, do you see that Bruce over there with the supermodel?
by joaiweva June 30, 2006
He lives in your pants. He's very popular with ladies. He's two feet long. When he gets up you have to whack him off untill he throws up.
Bruce I know she's hot but not now wait until later.

by BullRun September 01, 2008
A gentle "titty-twister." There is actually no twist involved. It is just a simple "tweak" of the nipple to make it erect. Derived from Bruce Lee, who always had his shirt off and had hard nipples.
I love to randomly bruce the kids in the hallway and watch them grab their chests in shock.
by YouThinkYouKnowMe May 27, 2006
Suffering from a severe genital rash, or someone who walks as if they have contracted a nasty sexually transmitted disease, therefore walking with their legs spread apart. Bow-legged.
See how he is walking? Either he has dog balls or Bruce!
by MissPolly June 19, 2006