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Scottish word for pure dead brilliant at everything : to have a large schlong :the purest type of cocaine
by Some twat April 07, 2003
Brucie Bonus....from the god that is Bruce Forysth
Did you get a Brucie this month?
by BB July 29, 2003
an unfinished beer that has been discretely left behind (usually to make it appear as if the drinker is able to consume more beer than he/or she really is capable of)
"Who left a brucie?"

"I couldn't figure out how John was able to outdrink me at the party until I discovered one of his brucies."
#synonym: wounded soldier #misspelling: brewsie #misspelling: brewsee #antonym: finished beer #antonym: completely consumed beer
by JimDel September 02, 2007
A brucie is a bong used for inhaling incredible amounts of cannabis.
Tim completely cleared the Brucie
Pass me the Brucie
Step and Jay choked on the Brucie
#bong #cannabis #mary jane #drugs #marajuana
by Jay Oftecrue October 03, 2006
Haggis eating slightly scary, bald lookin, sweaty sock
Rab C Nesbit
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
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