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When two guys who consider eachother "bros" try to get emotional with eachother without being "gay". Getting "Bromotional" usually leads to long akward moments and even more akward man hugs.
Here is an example of two guys being bromotional:
Josh: What wrong dude, you've been acting like, bitchy all night
Jack: Me and Sarah broke up man
Josh: Oh dude. im sorry
Jack: I thought she was the one
Josh: Yeah dude, she sucked your dick
Jack: I really loved her
Josh: Dude, you always got your bros man
Jack: Yeah I know
Josh: You always got your bros, you'll go from girl to girl, but you always got your bros
Jack: I love you man
Josh: Me too, but I'm not gay
Jack: Dude, I know
Josh: Yeah, sorry
(They man hug. Josh then lightly punches Jack on the shoulder to show that he's not gay)
by Timduckling August 31, 2007
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