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Nobody Loves Me: The feeling you get when, after a long period of time, you check your email, phone messages, texts and social networking sites only to find no one has sent you anything. (In reality, its only been like a half hour...) Also Nobody Loves You
I took a nap for like 3 hours and when i went to check my phone nobody called or tried to text me. "Nobody Loves Me"
by Headcircus July 07, 2010
The arrival of Jesus Duck is basically how you know a pond or lake is frozen over, when it is not necessarily obvious due to weather conditions, trees in the way, etc...

Its basically a duck walking on the lake when normally you'd see the duck (or swan or goose) half-in paddling away.

Jesus Duck does not bring gifts nor does he rise from the dead. His only message is that the body of water is now potentially traversable with skates.
I wasn't sure if the pond was frozen over or just very still, but Jesus Duck arrived and my insatiable curiosity was slated.
by Headcircus January 18, 2011
What is a circus? It is a company performers/artists of various skillsets that is choreographed, and set usually in a ring or rings.

A headcircus, unlike a headcase, is someone, usually an artist that has multiple skillsets and can easily put them on display for your entertainment.

You may be tempted to think of the circus aspect of this word as a term defining chaos or loss of cognition; when in fact the opposite is true. A circus is an extremely well-choreographed show, with extremely talented individuals performing. The chaos is actually well-controlled.

Another usage of this term is to describe someone afflicted with one or more variations of the affliction ADD (attention deficit disorder) who can use these abilities as a positive instead of a negative (turning a curse into a blessing).

He can sing, dance, draw, paint and play the guitar? That guy's a total headcircus man.
by Headcircus January 11, 2009
Slut testing is the act of a male envisioning a newly encountered female in a hardcore porn of his choosing, in his mind. If the outcome of the experience is "Yeah she'd totally do that", then you have a slut. If not, you can bring her home to mom.
I saw this librarian today who I thought could be a total slut, but wasn't sure. So I gave her the slut test and I can just tell she's a total slut.
by Headcircus December 15, 2010
almost a girlfriend. your not really in love, but your not casual either. You are potentially exclusive, but neither of you ask questions.
Yeah, she's my girlfond. Its good enough for now.
by Headcircus August 24, 2010
To re-align your life (goals, intentions, desires) in a way that keeps you walking a straight and narrow path. When we get lost, we get lost in three dimensions, and and lose our orientation. It's a modern-day version of a "mandala" used in eastern culture to balance the elements of your life.
I've been hanging with the wrong crowd lately and losing sight of my dreams. Time to orientify.
by Headcircus February 10, 2008
It's "metal" in an electro house format. Big room style, big reverb, heavy guitar-like synths. The best example I can think of is the band Savoy from Brooklyn, NY. (A live band trio) If you lookup the track "The Bridge" it pretty much sums up what i think metalectro is.

Sure, its another name, but as an 80s kid growing up with Metallica, Megadeth and death metal, real hardcore metal... as in \m/... it gives me some more stable ground in this crazy edm world. In other words, it makes sense to me.

If these lords of metal shoved their guitars into Ableton Live or Logic, or some other DAW, this might be the result. It isn't as heavy as metal, but more sharp and crisp, with the purpose of filling a very big room.

- DJ Eskape a.k.a. Headcircus
"The Bridge" by Savoy may not be the first and only example, but i think it is a good example of Metalectro
by Headcircus June 08, 2013
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