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One of the most French last names an individual can have. Pronounced 'Prue', it looks like a cruel joke to any teacher or telemarketer trying to pronounce this name correctly. Also, anyone with the last name Prue, your ancestors are pushovers
Telemarker: Hi, may I please speak with Mr....Pro-lex

Proulx: Its pronounced Proulx (Prue)... you inconsiderate prick.
by datrueproulx August 30, 2010
One who wanders aimlessly as if high or drunk, randomly asking others odd questions. Often known as a total reject of society. Pretty much a crazy hobo, but with ZZ top style beard.
Girl: Look over there!
Boy: Holy shit it's a Proulx let's get out of here!
by Simon3335 February 02, 2009
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