a homosexual act performed by two men,
origin of word from the 2005 motion picture
"kyler and joel were sitting in the hotub naked togother beacuse sarah wouldent 3/4 them"
That Sh*t was "brokeback"....PUKE
by James Max89 February 23, 2008
when you put a finger up a friends asshole.
Holy crap you broke backed me good!
by Kyle Winslow April 10, 2007
An insult to someone whos gay.
hey dude. youre a damn brokeback. Queer.
by haha pie. May 27, 2007
gay, fruity
from the movie Brokeback Mountain
That shirt look brokeback son
by baps November 08, 2006
Originating from the movie 'Brokeback Mountain' about two gay cowboys, this word decribes something that is gay.
Hey, have you seen the new timetable? It's totally brokeback.
by Reh of Sholk November 24, 2006
The highest level of gay, pertaining to an insatiable urge to insert your penis into another man's rectal cavity. Originated with two gay cowboys who shit on the face of American cinema when they took eachother's virginity by dominating their poop-chutes.
"Dude, that party was brokeback. Let's go do a circle jerk." -Abe Lincoln
by Spielas April 03, 2007
A name for a person who is gay and can never get pussy!!!!
Nick Brokeback will never have a girlfriend!!!
by Your Brother and Sister April 16, 2007

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