term describing unrequited or impossible love.
Those two were meant for each other, but they could never be together. It was a brokeback situation.
by metric March 28, 2006
A replacement for the word "gay".
Derived from the film "Brokeback Mountain", a story involving two male cowboys who unintentionally fall in love with one another. Homosexual.
guy #1 - "Did you see that? That dude just grabbed that other dudes ass!
guy #2 - "WTF. He's hella brokeback."

girl - "So, can you come over this afternoon?"
guy - "No, I gotta hang with my pops until my mom gets home, all hell breaks loose if he's home alone for too long."
girl - "thats brokeback"
by N4lyfe April 07, 2010
1. A very feminine moment between men.

2. The feeling a male gets from a female having a masculine moment.
1. "Get your hand away from there! Quit actin' brokeback!"

2. Did she do 20 more pushups than me....I'm feeling kinda brokeback right now..
by Desmond Shoals April 09, 2008
1. homosexual

2. a male homosexual

3. something that looks characteristic of homosexuality(from the movie Brokeback Mountain)
That shirt looks rather brokeback to me.
by Light Joker October 10, 2006
Break up of two gay lovers. Taken from the gay movie 'Brokeback Mountain'.
Ricky: Why are you so upset? What happened?

Martin: My boyfriend brokeback with me. He left me for a girl.
by aarkut July 02, 2010
2 homosexual guys inside a tent naked with only a cowboy hat,
brokebacks a multiple homosexuals dudes porking
reaching for an other dude nuts,
frank and beans frank and beans
Yo tone, look at henry and frank the brokeback couple
cisco and frank playing hide frank
by fungt yuu January 29, 2008
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