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The word Boykin is derived from the word boinking. It is usually used to describe a person with such swagger and sex appeal that many seek for pleasure. Synonymus with pimp, hustler, player and the man.
Girl to girl friend: that guy is such a Boykin
Guy to friend: Im getting my Boykin on tonight
by ohbeejuanjayobee January 05, 2011
orgin: Virginia; (Norwegian). Definition: A Fat Ass; larger than a Dunk.
Damn, That trick right there got a Boykin on her.
by jashaunda June 04, 2010
A nice, happy go-lucky boy who isn't a big jerk.
Max is an amazing boykins.
by Kaitlin March 03, 2005
When one individual answers or takes over a conversation on another persons phone and pretends to be them. This conversation usually entails the impersonator talking to someone of the opposite sex and very convincingly flirting with them.

It is proper etiquette at the end of the conversation for the impersonator to inform the person on the other end that they have been had and continue to not only laugh at them but bring it up several times in front of the person whom they were impersonating!
I think someone just pulled a Boykin on me?
I am so going to Boykin him tonight!
by TheBoykinMaster March 24, 2011
1. Everywhere.
Named after the Denver Nuggets Earl Boykins, who seems to be everywhere on the court when he plays.
These Nuggets fans are boykins today.
your driving was way boykins after a night on the grog.
by Darbs May 19, 2005
no shower, no teeth being brushed, manchild ,never leaves the t.v. so he can watch cnn or discovery channel. Also still lives with his parents at the age of 28 and still is a virgin that has four kids.
"I didn't feel like doing shit today, I kinda felt like a boykin."
by Sue Boykin October 20, 2007

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