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Being totally fucked from shmoking the weed.
Dude I've drilled like 10 hotties and I'm totally toasted.

I'm so toasted man that I'm sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and dreamin about a glass of water.
by Darbs May 26, 2005
A match of jenkins (paper, rock, scissors) that decides the order in which you have a bong.
This game is usually played by stoners.
I could really go a bong. Bong Match?
Hey, who won the last bong match?
by Darbs May 19, 2005
1. Everywhere.
Named after the Denver Nuggets Earl Boykins, who seems to be everywhere on the court when he plays.
These Nuggets fans are boykins today.
your driving was way boykins after a night on the grog.
by Darbs May 19, 2005
A match of paper rock scissors to decide and event.
Hey who's turn is it to chop? Lets have a jenkins match to decide.

To make it fair we should jenkins for it.

Why does it always end with Jenkins?
by Darbs May 19, 2005

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