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Screwing, fucking, having sex
Stop boinking my boyfriend
by Secret October 05, 2004
Having cheap sex randomly in a trashy area
Did you see Nolan boinking in that bathroom?
Eww, he's gonna catch something!
#sex #dirty #nasty #trashy #hot
by White Chocolate5885 May 23, 2013

Boinking the sound a pogo stick makes when in use.

Boinking can also be a vulgar term for having casual sex with someone.
Oh they're not committed, they're just boinking(having sex).
#boink #boinking #casual sex #pogo sounds #bootycall
by Merci Merc January 16, 2013
Visiting, hanging out with, take on a date. This word makes you sound much more awesome (typically if you didn't get any) after coming home from a date and you want to tell your friends.
(phone call)
Friend: Hey, what are you up to?
You: Being awesome -- I'm boinking Erica!
#visiting #hanging #going out with #dating #dining
by Awesomemannumerouno April 08, 2011
You can't say you're boinking somebody unless u got a penis
Girl 1-I boinked this kid last night
Girl 2-You can't boink someone unless u got a penis dumbass.
by Ali Babba April 18, 2005
The male homosexual act of copulation(because sex implies a male and female).
Where are Stan and John? They've been gone for a while, I hope they aren't boinking again.

I was mad when I walked in and found my gay roommate taking a nap with another dude in his bed. Oh well, at least they weren't boinking.
#gay #homosexual #sex #fucking #anal
by TJZ and JWZ December 02, 2006
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