in Glasgow, Scotland, all the punks, goths, moshers, metallers, etc hang about outside Borders, the bookshop.

expect drunkeness.

"PUNX about Borders"
punk 1: 'here, comin' tae borders'
punk 2: 'aye, i'll be there in 5 minutes'
#punk #goth #mosher #metaller #glasgow
by P-U-N-X May 18, 2007
Top Definition
Large corporate bookstore that are frequently seen in Suburban areas. Very similar to Barnes and Noble. They have all sorts of books, cd's, accessories, and a cafe with some great food. The atmosphere tends to be very liberal, and a huge bloc of clientel/staff are college students.
I went to Borders not for the books, but to eat at the cafe... damn good sandwiches!
#bookstore #barnes and noble #cafe #college student #liberal
by W.C.'s Own July 11, 2006
a line or area between two places which is usually closed off or illegal to cross.
screw the law, im crossing the border!
#border #borderline #illegal #stupid #immigrants #america #usa #mexico #canada
Usually something you do (you put your hands fingers touching in the well known "gate position") when someone says something that crosses a line usually followed up by simply saying "border" or "border line". This is usually done silently and with a very serious face for the full effect.

You: *border hand position*
#border line #border #josh rohden #caleb #too far
by CWWM manager June 05, 2010
1. Lines arbitrairily drawn on a map that make up a countries.
2. Complete human constructs.
3. Can cause mass confusion and hysteria when directly connected with imperialism.
1. America has the borders of Canada and Mexico.

2. Land is land regardless of lines.

3. Guy #1:"Dude Africa is so fucked up."
Guy #2:"That's because in the early 1900s European countries colonized them, which divided kingdoms and tribes."
Guy #1:"Damn that really fucking sucks."
Guy #2:"I know, stupid imperialism."
#lines #maps #countries #nations #land #private property
by Aspekt December 22, 2006
1. Invisible lines that appear on maps and globes, decided by monarchs, rich people, lawyers and businessmen, usually right after sending most of the nation's young men to a grisly death in battle and letting their starving widows and children foot the bill.
2. Edges, fringes or extremes.
3. A crappy chain of US bookstores that fully embody 1. and 2.
4. Things that don't hold back the world's smartest, toughest and bravest doctors, who operate 'without' them.

5. Truck stops on EU roads. See Schengen.
Person 1: Whoa, it looks like Borders is coming across the border soon!
Person 2: Really?! That's bordering in insane!
Person 1: They claim some of their profits go to Doctors Without Borders
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by nogoodie2shoes March 13, 2016
The line that is supposed to keep Mexicans out of the U.S.

Well, that worked.
What is up with this immigration problem?

Well the damn border that seperates us from them sucks balls.
#immigrant #mexican #boarder #line #fail #u.s. #george bush
by Ihaveataco12424357353527246 January 08, 2010
The land between US and Mexico. "Bridge" for many illegal immigrants and taco shell toll booths.
My great Mexican granddaddy illegally crossed the border with a dirty handkerchief.
#border #mexico #illegal immigrants #passport #spanish
by Cody Rhodes May 05, 2015
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