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A female robot that has a sexual preference for other female robots

When Lesbots have sexual intercourse, it is mostly characterized by a "TINK-TINK-TINK" sound.
Hey you stupid robot, stop touching me! I am not a lesbot!
by Luckylemon February 15, 2009

Candy, typically gum
Dude, I just ran out of deedan!

That's okay, I have you covered. Do you want Winterfresh or Big Red?
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009
A reference to a large, giant eye in the middle of ones forehead.

Usually is a cyclops

Gianeyes are most commonly found on the foreheads of monsters, but a recent trend in New Zealand proves that some parents prefer their children to have a gianeye. People with a gianeye are now mating with others who have one in hope to pass on the gianeye gene.
You can't tell when a gianeye is winking or blinking!
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009

1.A word that refers to someone that constantly pisses one off

2. Someone who can't get enough pleasure from sexual intercourse with a human and resorts to fornicating with cheese

3. Your ex-boyfriend
Did you just steal my last tampon? Oh my god you stupid cheese fucker!
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009

A vaginal wart found between a strippers legs.

Qwertys can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. To prevent the spread of qwertys, one must always wear a condom or just give up on sex entirely.
L: Oh my god! I found a qwerty last night when I was masturbating!

P: Are you serious? You need to get that shit checked out!
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009

1.Where emos and cheapskates go when they want to listen to free music.

2.Where creepers go when they look for potential prey
Creeper#1: Damn dude, I found this hot chick to stalk at Borders the other day

Creeper#2: That's sweet. Have you boned her yet?
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009
A bunion is the result of wrapping up a small animal, preferably a cat, with a blanket tight enough to where it can't move.

The animals head is the only area left unwrapped.

Oh my god, Fluffy looks so cute in a bunion!
by LuckyLemon February 16, 2009
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