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A young attractive woman who shows interest in older men.
"Did you hear?Anna Nicole is a total bob cat now?"

"Yeah I noticed when she was eyeing that older man in the wheel chair today at the mall."
by Jay Jay M July 28, 2009
A term used after the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats had the worst winning percentage in NBA history. The term "Bobcat" is used to represent a bad performance, bad score or having a horrible winning percentage. This can be applied to anything from sports to school.
Time to go study. If I don't, I'll Bobcat my final exams.

Our team has to score more points so we don't pull a Bobcats.

I just Bobcat my drivers test. I will have to come back tomorrow to retake it.
by ErikChuckles April 26, 2012
Noun: a vehicle utilized by the dirt whisperer to move dirt that may cause damage to septic and sprinkler systems.
The bobcat was used to degrade the backyard but ended up causing damage to someone else's property.
by PD\/DW February 04, 2014
a gay cat with no tail. no tail for easy access to his bumhole.
he sounds like a fag, he must be a bob cat.
by brrrrrrrr. July 03, 2011
"A hott girl between the age of 25-35, 35-45 is a cougar"
That "Bob Cat" showed me things I aint never seen before!
by Linnet November 28, 2007
a cougar in training; a girl who is between the ages of 20-30 who is displaying early characteristics of cougarhood.
That bobcat will surely one day become a cougar
by Richie Smith October 02, 2006
Mature homosexual male seeking companionship with younger men; equivalent to a heterosexual mature female "Cougar".
My bobcat just bought me this new pair of penny loafers.
by killawerd September 21, 2013