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Sweetheart. From the Welsh. Deriving from the welsh word "caru" =to love
"Aarron is such a cariad, I love him to bits"
by w00fdawg August 13, 2005
Tight, as we know, has various meanings, restrictive, stylish, friendly, well-rehearsed, drunk, being snug in the vagina area, ungenerous,cautiously discreet. There may be more meanings than this!
The band is tight!

"You will have to use soap on your swollen finger to remove your wedding ring!"

The band is tight!

"Your wedding ring is very stylish!"

The band is tight!

"The band spent a lot of time together even when they weren't playing music, as they were such close friends"

The band is tight!

"The band really plays well together, as if they have rehearsed together for ages."

The band is tight!

"The band are too drunk to play their instruments properly".

The band is tight!

"I hear all of the female band members are virgins, I would get great pleasure from placing my penis in their vaginas."

The band is tight!

"That band is too mean to pay their roadies, they keep all their money for themselves".

The band is tight!

"You can never get any gossip about that band, they keep their private lives very discreet".
by w00fdawg October 12, 2005
UK word for a hickey, a bruise on the skin (usually on the neck) caused by sucking. These tattoos of love are typically worn by teenagers as a sign that they are attractive enough to be groped.
Ruth wore polo-necked sweaters during most of the hot summer so that her mother wouldn't be able to see her lovebites.
by w00fdawg October 08, 2005
Absolutely, with bells on! Has to be said with emphasis.
The UD is abso-fucking-lutely the best slang dictionary on the net!
by w00fdawg September 09, 2005
UK television presenter and journalist who specialises in being an unpleasant bitch. Is most well known at present for hosting the quiz "The Weakest Link" where she castigates the participants and insults them in every way possible before dismissing losing players with the phrase "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"

A recovering alcoholic, who lost custody of her daughter. Even after a fortune spent on plastic surgery she still has a most unpleasant smug expression stuck on her face.

She has a vastly over-inflated opinion of herself, and in addition showed her very unappealing racist side when she appeared on a chat show and made the remark, "What are the Welsh for?".

If that bitch Anne Robinson had said "What are the Jews for?" she would have been kicked off television for good. However, as it was "only the Welsh", no action was taken against her.
by w00fdawg November 21, 2005

One of Ulster's (Northern Ireland)most famous dishes embracing the best of local produce - bacon, sausages, eggs and breads. Primarily a breakfast dish but popular at any time of day with a few additions like chops, steak, kidneys, liver, tomatoes and mushrooms.

What makes the Ulster fry distinctive from any other fry-up is the addition of farls, potato cakes and usually a scotch pancake, therefore much more emphasis on carbohydrates.

A typical fry for one person will consist of:
2 sausages
2 bacon rashers
2 slices black or white pudding
1/2 farl and/or soda bread
potato cake
scotch pancake
1-2 large eggs

It will often be accompanied by toast too.......... just in case the fry-eater should feel a little peckish!
When she ordered her cooked breakfast, Ruth was amazed at the amount of bread products on her plate! This was her first encounter with the famous Ulster fry!
by w00fdawg October 31, 2005
Acronym for a crusty wank sock, a sock used to fit over the penis during masturbation, thus avoiding wet spots. Inevitably these socks become somewhat crusty frequent use.
"This cws is getting a little too crusty, must remember to wash the darn thing!"
by w00fdawg August 13, 2005

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