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1. a word like cat but has the prefix bob
2. a fiesty feline
3. An organism with lots of hair
"Look at that hairy bobcat over there!"
by Bob February 09, 2004
A man that's 10 years older than his partner. Similar to a "cougar" but the term is for a dude.
That dude is such a "bobcat" for scoring a younger chick.
by daniellajoyy June 23, 2011
A woman in her late 20's or early 30's who attempts to entice men 10 years her junior. A pre-cougar as it were.
Many of the single women in their late 20 who are into the twilight series are bobcats or at least show bobcat like tendencies
by Sorata November 22, 2009
An older woman that desires to be a cougar, but is just not quite hot enough to do so.
Jim "Did you see that cougar?"
Ray "No way. She's not hot enough. She's just a Bobcat"
by Kameleon` February 27, 2011
for a woman: a vicious sex beast! But a postitive thing. She is looking sweet, pretty and nice when surrounded by others but when the doors are closed she is a vicious sex animal!
a viscious sex beast behind closed doors....
by A3+? June 10, 2004
(noun)- a more polite, slang term for a vagina, most often used when belonging to an attractive, sexual woman.
My bobcat wore him out last night.
by MistressMuffin July 01, 2010
The lesbian equivalent to a Cougar. An older woman who is only attracted to younger girls.
"Look at that Bobcat hitting on my younger sister!"
by hillray September 16, 2009