an older man who favors the company and affection of younger women.
My friends fathers likes younger women, he is a bobcat.
by jessdog September 22, 2009
This would define a single male man, whiskered face, stubby tail, in his late 30's to 40's who hunts and preys single women of all varieties.. opposite to it's female counterpart Cougar..
Bobcat, Nick Nolte, Lyle Lovett, Steve Buschemi. John Mayer, Ryan Seacrest
by Chat_Meow August 04, 2009
A short,(5'1" or shorter) shapely, busty, attractive woman.
Whereas older women who want relations with young men are called "cougars" short, sexy women are called "bobcats."
by Weapon W May 16, 2009
A female between the age of 15 and 20 that picks up/dates younger men. The men are typically 2-3 years younger. A bobcat is a younger version of a puma.
Dude, look at Erica and austin. Erica is such a bobcat, she's like two years older than him. She'll be a pedophile soon.
by nobody, nobody at all. August 05, 2008
To poo in anothers toilet, preferably during a party or at a females home. Then disguise by putting down lid and poo awaits next bathroom user. Should attempt to have poo breach water's surface. Origin: Drew Ashley and Justin Elliott
"Rada left a bobcat in our bathroom again!"
by Whit January 21, 2005
a person who is bald on the top and has long hair in back.
Bobcat goldthwait's character in the "police academy" movies
by matt lewis April 21, 2004
A large cat, who makes a 'bop bop bop' sound while jumping
<Bop Bop Bop>

1. What's that sounds?
2. Omg, it's a bobcat
by BalSjaak August 01, 2008

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