(noun)- a more polite, slang term for a vagina, most often used when belonging to an attractive, sexual woman.
My bobcat wore him out last night.
by MistressMuffin July 01, 2010
Variation on cougar: a not-so-attractive version of an older woman who dates younger men.
As I sat in the restaurant, I noticed the lone bobcat at the bar stalking her prey; her cougar friends had already found some college guys to talk to.
by jfaspire June 30, 2010
The prey of female cougars.
Nick Canon is Mariah Carey's bobcat.
by Stegosarus With Wings October 06, 2009
A middle aged transvestite who live the lives of cougars.
So i was at the cougar bar the other night and I totally made out with a BobCat for like 20 minutes, I didn't know until i stuck my hands down her pants!
by THE MILK MAN12 October 23, 2010
An older woman who wants to be a cougar, but is nowhere near attractive enough.
Bob: Did you see that bobcat hitting on Tony?

Jake: Yeah, I can't believe she thinks she looks that good with all those wrinkles.
by Mortious Krayle May 19, 2010
1) A term used to describe a person who is a significantly Older Homosexual male that has relations with a Younger Male of the same sexual orientation.
2) A Homosexual Male who is considered to be a Cougar because of his partnership with a much younger male companion.
1) "Did I tell you who totally went out on a date with that Young hot bartender guy from the Pub? Only our favorite Bobcat from down the street! That man is such a flirt."
2) Cannot blame the guy if thats whohe wants. He's young and he happens to be attracted to Older Men, he just likes Bobcats.
by VeeBreezy April 16, 2010
The male equivalent of a cougar. A 40-60 something male who takes a special interest in younger males.
Aaron is setting bobcat traps again, one whiskey at a time.
by da_baws December 02, 2009

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