A verb meaning to conquer or steal something lightning fast.
"Daniel blitzkriegged my M&Ms when I looked away."
by tonycapone September 24, 2006
When you're walking down the sidewalk, you find the ugliest girl and about two feet before you pass her you rip ass.
Dude 1 (walking): There she is...
Dude 2 : Not again...
(Two feet before ugly chick)
Dude 1: Blitzkrieg.
(Two feet after Dudes walk by)
Ugly Girl: OMG! WTF is that smell!
by BlitzkriegBop October 15, 2008
When other people get you so shitfaced you can't stand.
Opposite of scorched-earth.
Tomato Head: "Let's get blitzkrieged!"
Retirement Home: "Tomato Head, GO AWAY"
by the pork shop December 12, 2009
verb; to conquer race with extreme speed, strength, power and good looks.
oh wow, look at that, Paul and Greg totally Blitzkrieg-ed the FUCK out of that race.
by gregomyeggo October 20, 2012
An underrated NWOBHM band, that is only known because of a dumb Metallica cover.
Blitzkrieg is awesome, better than that shitty Iron Maiden.
by Mephysto July 02, 2009
To fuck a respectable girl and then burn down her house and kill her family.
I totally blitzkrieged Mary the other night.
by Mantaray6 December 06, 2008
When you're bumping uglies with a girl and you're about to climax, shout "BLITZKRIEG!!!" and have a group of friends run into the room and zap her with tazers.
That bitch is so stupid i blitzkriegged her for the eighth time and she still comes back for more.
by Scroto Hoebaggins November 19, 2004

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